Project BWAFGU


Project Black Women Are For Grown Ups A.K.A. Project BWAFGU is a labor of love for Black women, by Black women. We use full merchandise proceeds to curate beautiful physical spaces and campaigns that celebrate Black womanhood. When you donate you help sustain efforts to exalt Black women and fund innovative creative work.  

Donate BWAFGU Pop-UP Shop: New Orleans Editionn

A collective of Black female entrepreneurs and artists worldwide joined together to create items exclusively for "Black Women are For Grown Ups." The #BWAFGU pop-UP shop consisted of happy Black women, tea cake cookies in honor of Maya Angelou, champagne chillin' in rose petal ice, an altar dedicated to Zora Neale Hurston and lots of twerking to Cardi B. & 'nem. 

Shop Host: Carla Williams, Material Life 

Merchandise Creatives:  #BWAFGU Lapel Pin, Sendra Newsome; BWAFGU Silk Cover Poster, Laci Jordan;  BWAFGU Massage Oil Candle, 4ColouredGurlzBWAFGU Limited Edition Tee, Tajah Jones; BWAFGU Embroidered Hat, Stevona; BWAFGU Embroidered Tea Napkin, Barnum; BWAFGU Kraft Pocket Size Journals, #AwayTeam

Photography: Shaquille Dunbar #BWAFGU Guerilla Art Campaign: Essence Festival

Peep the pink moisturizer crown, y'all. Laci Jordan designed posters for the "Black Women Are For Grown Ups" Summer '17 guerrilla art campaign in New Orleans. The 11x17 posters were wheat paste throughout the city, just in time for Essence Festival, to push conversation about what Black women demand into public space under the hashtag #BWAFGU. This campaign was also picked up in Brooklyn, NY via The Free Black Women's Library

Click the poster image below or download to get your free BWAFGU Campaign Poster. Use your printed copies to adorn local shops, your streets, places you chill and community bulletins. Black women deserve every bit of space. “She’s Gotta Have It” Film Screening and Intimate Scholar Talk

A film screening and discussion of Spike Lee's debut film "She's Gotta Have It" that centers Black womanhood and sexual freedom. The screening consisted of Black women scholars havin' real talk, a gazillion candles, movie style popcorn, an altar dedicated to sensuality, red roses in mason jars, the funniest audience in all of New Orleans, the best damn white sheet cake and a certified freak set list curated by DJ Chinua (live set below - it's amaze). 

Screening Host: Chuck Perkins, Cafe Instanbul "She's Gotta Have It" Live Set: DJ Chinua; Panelists: Dr. Camika Royal, Dr. Rashida Govan; Moderator: Stevona Elem-Rogers

Photography: Shaquille Dunbar Black Women Are For Grown Ups T-Shirt Campaign

In 2016 Stevona produced a simple t-shirt reminding Black women to celebrate and share their full unapologetic, journey.  A culmination of three way calls among sister-friends produced Black Women Are For Grown Ups A.K.A. BWAFGU, a digital campaign that now finds itself a movement. In the words of scholar Dr. Camika Royal, "Black Women Are For Grown Ups shows that we are awesome and excellent on our own, in and of our full selves. More than a declaration, it sets a bar. It foretells whom and what you are dealing with before you meet the sister in the shirt. It’s a litmus test. If you can’t handle the woman who wears it, you may not be as grown up as you thought you were. We are not a game. Get your weight up, and get right or get left." 

Photographer: Erica Kane Launch Party: A Celebration of Black Womanhood is officially outchea celebrating Black womanhood and of course we partied at one of the most breathtaking places in the city of New Orleans, Tekrema Center For Art and Culture. The launch party consisted of hella Black women huggin', an altar dedicated to our grandmothers, the prettiest finger food you ever saw, all da babies breath from Minnie Riperton's hair, sparklers for our dreams, Mahogany on the projector and red wine spilt all over our clothes from partying deep into the night. 

Launch Party Host: Greer Goff Mendy, Tekrema Center For Art and Culture

Photography: Shaquille Dunbar